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Combat Archery

Price from £20 per person

Duration 60, 90 or 120 minutes available

Ages 10+ to Adults

10 Bows and Masks used throughout

Event Coordinator

Located at Kenton Park Sports Centre NE3 3LL

Can travel to other venues in the North East depending on availability

(Optional) Can be packaged with another activity


It’s time to take your stag do or hen do to the next level. Combat Archery held in Newcastle provides an exhilarating test of skill and accuracy, with a twist! You'll be equipped with a mask, a bow and foam tipped arrows to use against your friends as you battle it out for supremacy.

Combat archery, or battle archery/archery tag as it is also known, is a mix between Archery and Dodgeball. The aim is to eliminate the opposition at all cost by using the bows and foam tipped arrows provided.

Groups are split into two teams and fight it out in a number of different mini games such as last team standing, hunger games, medics and more. There are multiple inflatable bunkers to hide behind for cover to strategy also plays a big part in this activity!

Our Combat Archery events are suitable for adults and children aged 10+. Each event lasts 60, 90 or 120 minutes with 10 players taking part at any one time. An event coordinator will run the session at our dedicated venue in Kenton Park Sports Centre NE3 3LL, or we can travel to other venues in the North East depending on availability.

If you have more than our recommended 10 players we can arrange a package to suit your needs.

Our venue is located 2-3 miles outside of Newcastle very close to the city centre making it perfect for stag and hen do's having a weekend in the "toon"!

If you want to double the fun we can also package your event with any one of our other activities such as Beer Goggle Football, Bubble Football, Dodgeball, Old School Sports Day, Nerf Rival or Foot Darts.

Contact us to enquire about a date and time and if available we will get you booked in as soon as possible.

The Fine Print

Subject to availability

Minimum group size of 10, if the number drops below 10 the group will still be charged for 10 players

Consent form to be signed prior to event

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